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Successful career decision-making requires a good match between the internal (I want to be....) and the external (There is a job as a....). While it is important to hold onto your dreams and aspirations, it is also important to take into account the reality of the world of work.

  • Do you know whats out there?
  • Do you know which jobs will exist when youre ready to go to work?
  • Do you know whether it will be worth it to put effort into a particular occupation or area of study?
  • Do you know what education or experience is required for your area of interest?

Labor market information will help you make an informed career decision. Take a moment to learn how to find and use Delawares labor market information. It will save you both time and money.


With a good understanding of the world of work, students can more easily envision how they will fit successfully into that world. Studies suggest that career exploration experiences and opportunities improve academic performance and increase the likelihood that students will complete high school and pursue post-secondary education.

We hope you will find the activities and resources provided on this website a valuable addition to your career development tools. And we hope you will consider sharing your own tried and true activities with other educators throughout the state.


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Career Clusters: What Are They?

The U.S. Department of Education developed 16 groups, or clusters, as a way to link school and work. Within each of the clusters, career pathways have been developed. These pathways outline sequences of academic, career, and technical courses and training. Students can use these career clusters to find their best occupational match and to help focus plans for education and training.


Will the occupation you choose provide the lifestyle you want? Will you find happiness and satisfaction in your work? Will you know how to manage your career in a world of continuous change?

Invest in yourself now by building self-awareness, by thoroughly researching occupations, and by taking advantage of quality education and training. Make it your goal to be an informed career decision-maker. It will be worth it!


Is there a young person in your family who would benefit from your guidance and encouragement? If there is, then whether you're the parent, guardian, aunt, grandparent, or distant cousin, start the career conversations early. Your support is vital to your loved ones as they explore career options and transition to the world of work.

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